The transition from college to a full-time career doesn't have to be stressful. We are here to support you along the way to help you prepare for a successful future.

TQL welcomes students of all ages and majors to prepare for post graduate career success through our campus-specific job shadows, virtual info sessions, classroom presentations, career fairs, internships/co-ops and much more. For more information, connect with a TQL Campus Recruiter using the contact info below. 
Gain first-hand experience and build your skillset through our paid summer internship program. TQL interns have the opportunity to work towards a full-time career at TQL upon graduating.


It's never too early to start setting yourself up for career success. You have the opportunity to apply for and accept a post graduate career with TQL prior to graduation. Check out our opportunities for upcoming graduates.​ 

Experience a new city by joining our Fast Track Sales Program and receive paid relocation to Cincinnati, where you will experience paid training and leadership mentoring. Not interested in relocating? We are also hiring sales reps in our 60+ offices nationwide. 

Not interested in sales? TQL is also hiring in ​​​​​our 7 sales support departments located in Cincinnati, OH. Opportunities include Recruiting, Information Technology, Human Resources, Accounting & Finance, Marketing, Customer Service and Operations. 
Entry Level Sales Representative - Paid Relocation to Columbus, OH
Paid Relocation to Cincinnati - Sales Representative

Entry Level Sales Representative - Paid Relocation to Mobile, AL


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Sydney Dennis

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Jordan Minardi

Cincinnati, OH

"My four years at OU were the most fun and rewarding years I’d had yet. I was nervous to join the workforce because I didn’t think I would find a place that could be as fun and rewarding as OU had been. Luckily, I found TQL. The work hard, play hard culture at TQL is the perfect atmosphere for a Bobcat.

Hard work gets rewarded, and we aren’t afraid to celebrate our wins. I’m so glad that I chose TQL and have been given an opportunity to not only grow my career but have fun and meet amazing people along the way.”

 - Ohio University Alumni; Campus Recruiting Supervisor

“In college, I studied Health Sciences with a focus in Physiological Studies. The reason I chose TQL was partly a leap of faith. I can confidently say TQL followed up on their word and everything they promised when I interviewed.

TQL is a great place to work right out of college because it will allow you to perfect your soft skills to thrive in any workplace, no matter the field you may end up in. If you’re competitive and jump at any challenge that’s staring you right back in the face, you’ll choose TQL. The opportunity is limitless if you’re up for perhaps one of the greatest challenges you’ll ever experience, and it’s worth it.”

 - University of Cincinnati Alumni; Logistics Account Executive
Backy Miller
"I found TQL in August of 2020 (mid-pandemic) and was blown away by the level of genuine hard work this company puts in day in and day out. I’ve recruited for a few companies before TQL and I can confidently say this is the best workplace culture I have ever offered for my candidates. I’ve never seen a more dialed-in group of people interested in advancing their careers together as a team. The work we are doing here at TQL when it comes to professional development and sales training is top notch. I’m happy I chose TQL to advance my career and also thankful I can help others join the winning team as well!"
 - Georgia College & State University Alumni, National Sales Recruitment Supervisor

"As a Morehead State alumni that was a member of the volleyball team, I knew I needed a team dynamic that was supportive and embodied a winning mentality in my career. 

I interned at TQL through college. Not only was the culture unlike any company I had ever heard of, everyone was so willing to assist me as I was adjusting to my first real job. TQL is a family of different departments all collaborating to accomplish the same goals. Flash forward four years, I accepted a full-time job at TQL on the Recruitment Marketing team after I graduated and I am so excited to continue growing my career within the company."

 - Morehead State University Alumni; Recruitment Marketing Specialist

“As an alumni of University of South Florida, I felt prepared for my career. As I began my job search, TQL was one of the first companies that truly caught my eye with their targeted training program, benefits and uncapped commission potential. 

I was eager to begin my career at TQL knowing I would be given the chance to learn and grow over time. After just a short time in Sales, I joined our Recruiting department as a Sales Recruiter and have had the chance to help new graduates through the interview process just as I had done before them. I have not only experienced real growth, but have found a company that genuinely appreciates their employees and feels like a family!"

 - University of Central Florida Alumni; National Sales Recruiter 
Fast Track is a great opportunity for new grads with paid relocation to Cincinnati, OH. We provide immersive, paid training while offering multiple career paths, customized to your goals. 
I Graduate Soon... What Happens Next? 
First thing’s first, don’t panic. I understand it’s hard to stay calm when you finally realize that ‘the best years of your life’ are about to come to an end, and you have no choice but to be an ‘adult’. As a self-proclaimed expert on the matter myself, (I graduated college 6 months ago and can proudly say I’ve survived post college life thus far) I’m here to let you know it really isn’t as scary as it seems, and I can prove it to you with the positive realities of your probable concerns...

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